Tangley Manor and the Church at Arundel

Photos by Kathryn Lindskoog
- Submitted by Kristin Carmody -

"I took the picture of Steve Schofield, editor of the Canadian C.S. Lewis Journal, at the gate of Great Tangley Manor on June 11, 1984. Then he took the picture of me in front of the elgant house itself. It was built between Guildford and Wonerish in 1582. The George MacDonald family rented there in the spring of 1875, after his triumphant speaking tour in the United States. There at last George MacDonald was able to have a horse. So the house was almost 300 years old when Macdonald lived there, and 400 years old when Steve and I visited the grounds."

--Kathryn Lindskoog

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Photos of the church pastored by George Macdonald

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